Thursday, April 26, 2012

V is for Vault

A to Z Challenge ....Letter V

V is for Vault

The Vault... usually when people hear the word VAULT they think of Bank Vaults..solid and secure and full of loads and load of money . When I hear the word Vault I think of a secret file in my computer that I use as a blackmail and torture device (evil laugh) and the word Vault sends shivers up the spines of my friends...They know this is where I store 'the pictures'. You know what 'the pictures' are.... they are those pictures that you would never want shown to anyone in the whole world and YES i got them and I am not afraid to use them.  If you want to dance with a guy wearing a chicken suit,m then be prepared to be placed in the vault. If you decide to get tipsy and think that sleigh riding in heels is a good idea, then expect to be in the vault and if you decide to kisss your old high school principal at local pub...then expect to be in the vault . I quietly download the pictures and then store them away for the perfect time in which to 'REMIND" you of their existence... so when someone one wants to set me up on a blind date with their cousin who just moved here from a remote town in iceland or when someone wants me to run their tag sale because they have a 'nail appointment' then I just say 2 simple words and the topic is never discussed again...."THE VAULT".... so just know..If i get you on film you might end up in my vault as well....
you have been warned!! hahaha


  1. Yikes! Remind me to watch my P's and Q's around you! lol
    Cute post! ;0)