Friday, September 27, 2013


Imperfect things

“Stop trying to 'fix' yourself; you're NOT broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.”
― Steve Maraboli

A fall leaf

A plank of wood

My love life

A Diamond

Sea Glass

One of my Dads jokes

my diet

My smile

the path of sea turtle

weather patterns

turkey bacon

my freckles

The dots on a lady bug

the rings of a redwood

the shore line

My moms meatballs

a apple picked right off the tree



but just because its imperfect it doesn't mean that it is not delicious or amazing or beautiful. I guess that's something i have to remind myself of daily.
Whats your favorite imperfect thing????

Our Hike at Bear Mountain Ny

Yesterday My cousin and I decided spontaneously to go up to Bear Mountain for a hike. For those who dont know , Bear Mountain is a State Park in New York that is perched high above the Hudson River . It is a wonderful park with activities such as boating, hiking, swimming, ice skating in the winter and even a Zoo and a carousel.   Here is the website so you can check it out for yourself :

We had a gorgeous day and we really got the most out of the park. Here is some pictures of our "adventure" :)

entrance to the "zoo"

I need this right now while im on my diet hahah

"you dont see me "

oh look ex boyfriend hahahaha

he is staring me down

view of the Bear Mountain Bridge

hudson river view


top of the mountain ma

laying in the grass and watching the clouds go by

end of the hike

It was a great day....cant wait to go back again !!!