Friday, August 24, 2012

im going to the Fair......

....too see a senorita with flowers in her hair.......
                 ............. well  maybe not....... hahaha but I AM going to the Dutchess county Fair tonight. YAY!

I will give a complete report tomorrow but here is a picture I took last year of the ferris wheel of doom... hahaha I will NOT be riding that tonight.... Just point me in the direction of the fried oreos and we will be all good :)    

Monday, August 13, 2012

these help...

My birthday was this weekend and I was not looking forward to it. ( I will be writing a separate post about the activities) But these Balloons and Flowers from my friend really helped get me in the bday spirit and made me feel special.....   Even now while I look at them they still bring me joy :)

a special bday surprise

my friend ROCKS!!! hahaa

in the window

Happy flowers make me a happy girl :)

Photo a Day challenge Day 4

Photo a Day Challenge Day 4. Somewhere you sat

 4. Somewhere you sat: Where have you sat today? Take a photo of it

I was sitting in this chair and i got up to go in side to answer my phone...i returned to Teddy sitting in the chair... He almost said " You move your feet, you lose your seat " hahahaa..... ps i love his little underbite in this picture ... hahahah

photo a day challenge Day 3 Coin

better late than never hahaha

Photo of the day challenge Day 3 - Coin

mission is to post a picture of coin  
Day 3. Coin: This can be money. Perhaps a coin you see on the ground. One from your wallet.
so this is my take on the mission

Mr Piggy-Piggy Bank. He is saving all my coins for a Spa Day. I am dreaming of a really relaxing spa day and Mr Piggy will help me with coin at a time :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

photo a day challenge Day 2 - ONE

Photo of the Day Challenge  Day 2  ONE

todays mission:

 2. One: This can be anything. The number 1. The word one. A single item

ONE Spider sitting on a chair , came to see the girl with redhair.....
there was a scream and then a Yell and soon that ONE spider made a speedy Farewell.

This is was what i saw sitting next to me on a chair....I almost broke my leg to get away but then photographer in me had to get a shot of it hahahahah

Saturday, August 4, 2012

photo a day callenge- Day 1 Outside

Photo of the Day Challenge  Day 1  OUTSIDE

1. Outside: Take a photo of outside {outdoors} or something outside of something. So a person outside a door, a lolly {candy} outside a lolly {candy} jar

 Here is a picture of my view right now as I sit OUTSIDE on my deck... the perfect drink to clench my thirst in this heat and also perfect to make the annoyances of the day fade away.  Nothing like a cold drink, some tunes and the sounds of crickets and wind blowing through the trees to relax you :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

late as usual hahaha

I am late with my Photo challenge but  im going to post some tonight...I have just been so busy between work and I have been out every night this weekend and week... (  i know, im a social butterfly hahaha)  If anyone is doing it, please comment here and let me know...I would love to check yours out...

Ok of to finish work and then to have a frosty cocktail on my deck ...yummmmmm.... see you all later :)