Saturday, June 15, 2013

how we roll haha

Drinking Vodka and cranberry in a this cup...... with swirly straw haha


On tues it will be 1 month since I hit a deer and smashed in my car.... and I STILL dont have it back ! Boo !!!!!  When I finally get it back , it better look like a brand new car hahahahha

beep beep

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013


too many creeps around .....


I had a awesome weekend going on a road trip to PA with a friend of mine. We went down to Hershey but on the way we hit a winery and a miniature horse farm. We then went to Hershey park and rode every ride (except the kids ones haha) . The next day we got up did some shopping and touring around and then headed to a lake house where we spent one night. It was a great weekend and I know it was a great kick off for summer!!!  YAY 

watch out for deer

A normal drive home from work...singing loud with the windows down on a night early summer night when happens.  I guess I drove in the way of a jumping deer.  He basically jumped into the hood of my car. Unfortunately for Bambi, there was no time to brake, it was already too late.  I was spared any major damage but I cant say the same thing for Bambi or for my car...  My car sustained about $5600 worth of damage and I have had a rental car since.  Here is a pic of my poor car up on the lift at the body shop :

So PLEASE be safe when driving on back roads where deer might be crossing. I am thankful that I was spared any injuries.  Watch out for Bambi !!! hahaha