Monday, July 25, 2011

Song challenge

Todays Challenge(from the positivity group):
Pick a song that you feel fits your life presently--not in the past or with hopes for the future. This is the song I chose: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
I picked this song because it really does fit my life and mood right now. The desire of just wanting to close off the world and be with who i want to be with, laying next to each other and not caring about anything else but each other.. Ive loved this song for a long time but it wasn't until recently that it really had meaning for me. Haunting words, beautiful lyrics. and when i hear the following lines they kill me everytime.

"All that I am, All that I ever was ,is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see"

Its amazing to look into perfect eyes and also to feel perfect in those eyes. It doesnt come along often. I will always be grateful for those eyes and how they looked at me...if only for a moment!


Yesterday was a great summer day. It was hot but not humid. Sunny but just enough clouds for an occasional shade and the water temp was warm enough but still cool enough to refresh you . I went to my friend chris' house. He has a house right on a beautiful lake in New York about 2hrs north of NYC. The lake is amazing. Its big and clean and sounded by tons of beautiful houses and boats. I seriously want to move there (in fact i think i might have said that to him about 20 times hahaha) While we got ready and changed into our bathing suits, he prepared his killer vodka punch. Then we all headed down to the boat and we were off. Sailing around the lake for a while before we dropped anchor in a cove with other boats. Everyone had music playing and people were floating around or swimming or even riding a banana boat. It was a great time! I didn't waste any time getting in the water, first swimming around then finally settling on a float. Basking in the sun with a cup of the punch in my hand while laughing with friends and me and melissa singing 'YOU'RE SO VAIN' , in that moment life couldn't get any better. Finally after sometime we decided we were too pruney and we got out of the water. We headed back towards the dock.(the long way) and then enjoyed dinner on the dock. It was such a great day and it couldnt have been a better ending. The following pics were of the sunset...enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

watch what u wish for

for all those people who were so sick of the snow and how they cant wait for summer...this is what you wanted hahaha (took this pic in my friends car about 20 mins its hot)..... I am just so happy that today will be spent in part AC and Part pool before I have to pack up to go to my friends lake house. I am really looking forward to it. Beautiful house on a beautiful lake upstate NY. Away from my work, and stress and maybe even some of this heat! :) SOOOOO looking forward to riding on his boat tomorrow and drinking some of his famous orange dream drinks....yummmy but deadly haha (im sure i will be drunk by 1p hahaha)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 principles

I saw these posted on Facebook in a group I belong to. I really like the principles and I would love to try and achieve these in my daily life. (thanks to Christine for sharing)

The 5 Reiki Principles can be used as a daily affirmation:
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Beautiful and very positive :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


GBE Week # 9 Topic : MIDNIGHT (for those paying close attention i was a slacker and skipped week # 8 hahaha)

The topic this week for the GBE2 (group blogging experience) was MIDNIGHT. This scene was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the word MIDNIGHT. This is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time and it just happens to take place on New years eve at Midnight. I have seen this movie countless times and every time its the same thing: my eyes wide and locked on this scene, a small soft smile creeps on my lips and I hold my breath as I watch billy crystal do what every girl dreams of....he makes THE GRAND GESTURE! In more times in my life than I can count, I have dreamt of being on the receiving end of the GRAND GESTURE. The grand gesture is a preferably public profession of a guys undying love despite all odds and obstacles while making the girl feel that he has never loved anyone like her, will never love anyone again like her and will do anything to win her love, then ending with an extremely passionate kiss. This scene is one of the finest examples of the grand gesture and of a happy ending, Both of which (based on my past experiences) are like a winning lotto ticket;beautiful to think and dream about but it probably wont ever happen to you in your lifetime. But even with my all cynicism toward love and the possibility of ever receiving the grand gesture, i will continue to watch this movie over and over. Every time waiting for this scene, watching it like its the first time Ive ever seen it and secretly hoping and praying that MY Mr Right will someday come make his grand gesture on one lonely MIDNIGHT!
So at this moment if wrote I how felt it wouldnt be entertaining for anyone to read ( and Im not completely sure I would want to write it down because then I would have to see it in black and write and right now I rather live in the grey) SOOOOO instead i just post some of the things make me happy so I can take my mind off the other. Hope you enjoy :)


LBI in NJ. One of my favorite places on earth and I really wish i was there right now.


anything Hello Kitty. ( i know its silly but it makes me happy haha)


Gnomes! I love Gnomes!! I once found the perfect gnome in Ireland and carried him all the way home to the states haha.


Taking pictures. Its killing me now that my camera has died but hoping i get a new one for my bday :) This is a pic i took one day on a flower tour around my neighborhood haha.


Do I even have to explain. YUM !


This combines 3 things I love: my niece, nephew and Christmas. What is better than that???


a nice fruity martini with friends. Could go for one right now !


My ipod and my music.


Swimming...I love the feel of the water ...helps destress! :)


last one is blank cause something is missing but thats another story for another time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


wow this song really hits home.

10 Random things about jenni

10 random things about me (thanks diana for giving us this idea)

1. I am allergic to bees. Have to carry a epi-pen and benedryl at all times (a rule i dont always remember to follow haha)

2. I once sat in the cockpit of the Concord. I was able to fiddle with the buttons and knobs. (dont worry the plane was not flying at the time)

3. I hate mustard (the devils condiment haha), beets, when the pockets stick up out of peoples jeans and movies with little kid ghosts (thats too creepy) haha

4. I have walked in the Macys Thanksgiving day parade AND the NYC St Patricks day parade.

5. Im allergic to coffee. I can have any type of coffee or even mocha. I love the smell but i can never have it.

6. Once on a flight from NYC to LA. I made friends with Penny Marsall and Rob Reiner and even sat on Pennys lap for a while ( i was 2 1/2 yrs old hahaha ). My mom said i had them laughing alot so I am proud to say I made 2 of the funniest people in comedy laugh!

7. I once held Hockeys Turner Cup , which is the International Hockey leagues (minor league) version of the Stanley Cup. My goal is to hold the Stanley cup one day.

8. I Once went to a viewing of the SHINING movie in the hotel where Steven King actually got the idea and started writing it. I visited the imfamous haunted ballroom but i was too afraid to go in to room 237 ! It was a fun but scary night hahaa

9. Once while snorkeling in Hawaii I was bumped in the side by a sea turtle almost as large as me. When i happened I was sure it was a shark and I was about to die. I was happy to see it was a friend sea turtle but that was the end of the snorkling trip

10. I have been to Walt Disney World at least 25 times. Dreaming of the 26th time now! :)



trying to find it

trying to be brave

trying not to run

trying to believe

trying to deal

trying to forget

trying to ignore

trying to hear

trying not to put up the wall

trying not to feel

trying to heal

Friday, July 8, 2011

teddys storm lessons

It is beginning to rain here, the storm is about to hit. I knew it was coming (besides the weather mans predictions). I knew because teddy (my puppy was walking circles for a while and is now propped up on my lap (making it not so easy to type this post haha) As he begged for me to pick him up I heard the first rumblings of the thunder in the distance. It amazes me that he knew it was coming even before I could hear it. This started me thinking of some life lessons i could take from this simple action of his. I guess the rain has mellowed my mood(or it could be other things) but I have decided to list some of the things that came to mind along with some pics at the end that I gave me inspiration today....

Lessons from teddy :

1. Trust someone who knows something you dont know. Their advice is meant to help not hurt

2. Just because you cant see or hear something doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it could be right around the corner.

3. Theres nothing like a mothers love. Shes there to hold you when you need her.

4. One mans fear is another mans pleasure. (he might hate the thunder but I am loving the sound right now)

5. Look at someones actions, they can be tell tale signs of what is come. Dont ignore them.
and finally.....
6. seek comfort from those who love you when you are afraid or going thru a storm, they will protect you

the field

Have I died?
is this heaven?
thinking as your hand slides around mine. Leading me down a dirt path. The field barely visiable in the dim dusk light. We step over the barrier from gravel to grass, grass as high as my thigh, almost leaving the world behind. The sound of russeling grass is what i have longed to hear. The feeling of your strong hand leading me deeper into the field is the thing i dreamed to feel. Reaching the place we belong, far enough from the path , deep enough in the grass, in a our own world. You lay me down, laying beside me, pulling me to you while pressing your tender lips to mine. Your protective arms wrapped around me, your fingers moving the hair from my face. My heart pounding so loud it drowns out the sound of the crickets. The whispers of your sweet words of love almost lost in the sound of the wind blowing through the tall grass. The warmth of the summer air is no match for the warmth of your body. Our tongues entwined together while fireflies pass over us, jealous of the light of our love. There is nowhere on earth i would want to be besides here in your arms under the millions of stars. Stars twinkling and dancing above us.
Kissing ....
kissing your sweet lips...
falling deeper in love with you...
my love overwhelming....
You, my love, make this moment heaven to me. Heaven on earth under the stars.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July !!!!

And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.
~Lee Greenwood

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Love

The topic of the GBE this week is for us to write something that is exactly 100 words. It can be about anything we want, any topic, any thoughts. So I decided that in honor of the fourth of July. I would list my favorite things about summer.

crickets in the field
thunder in the distance
wind blowing through the tall grass
children giggling
listening to the ocean crashing
hummingbird buzzing around
carvel ice creme (vanilla with rainbow sprinkles)
bbqing with friends and family
swimming in a crystal clear blue pool
kissing my love under the stars
exploding fireworks!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

pics from my beach day

a bunch of friends and I went to Robert Moses Beach on Long Island, ny yesterday. The day couldnt now have been more perfect. Slight breeze, warm but not HOT HOT temps and only an occasional cloud to come along and shield you from the sun once in a while. The drive takes about 1 hr and half but it is totally worth it. Even on a busy holiday weekend we were able to find a quiet area. I love the beach (as most people do) I could arrive at the beach at 7am and stay till 7p if I could but usually someone gets bored and we leave much earlier.. Most of the day we spend catching up on each others lives( I did A LOT OF TALKING yesterday haha), gossiping and playing some games such as wiffleball and Frisbeeor just relaxing and enjoying the sound of the water and daydreaming. I did a lot of daydreaming yesterday, my mind drifting to where my heart was ...but thats a story for another time. the rest of my day I spend in search of the elusive 1 legged seagull. Someone has told me a tale about the one legged seagull and im on a mission to spot him. my eyes scanning and searching each of the seagull that came near us but all of them had 2 legs . I am determined to see him if it requires me going to the beach everyday (hehe) but anyway....these are some pics from my day at the beach.....i hope you enjoy them :

and finally....... NOPE....HE has TWO legs :( the search continues hahaha

Friday, July 1, 2011

love this song!!!

Such a sweet song..... " ♥ < 3 ♥ ..... there is no past...theres only future ".... That really hits home to me :)