Saturday, July 2, 2011

pics from my beach day

a bunch of friends and I went to Robert Moses Beach on Long Island, ny yesterday. The day couldnt now have been more perfect. Slight breeze, warm but not HOT HOT temps and only an occasional cloud to come along and shield you from the sun once in a while. The drive takes about 1 hr and half but it is totally worth it. Even on a busy holiday weekend we were able to find a quiet area. I love the beach (as most people do) I could arrive at the beach at 7am and stay till 7p if I could but usually someone gets bored and we leave much earlier.. Most of the day we spend catching up on each others lives( I did A LOT OF TALKING yesterday haha), gossiping and playing some games such as wiffleball and Frisbeeor just relaxing and enjoying the sound of the water and daydreaming. I did a lot of daydreaming yesterday, my mind drifting to where my heart was ...but thats a story for another time. the rest of my day I spend in search of the elusive 1 legged seagull. Someone has told me a tale about the one legged seagull and im on a mission to spot him. my eyes scanning and searching each of the seagull that came near us but all of them had 2 legs . I am determined to see him if it requires me going to the beach everyday (hehe) but anyway....these are some pics from my day at the beach.....i hope you enjoy them :

and finally....... NOPE....HE has TWO legs :( the search continues hahaha


  1. The search continues, very well, and if you bring back each time such lovely photos, I will be happy :)

  2. Thanks Claudia. I will be happy to share my photos of the beach with you :) i love it there !!!!