Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Random things about jenni

10 random things about me (thanks diana for giving us this idea)

1. I am allergic to bees. Have to carry a epi-pen and benedryl at all times (a rule i dont always remember to follow haha)

2. I once sat in the cockpit of the Concord. I was able to fiddle with the buttons and knobs. (dont worry the plane was not flying at the time)

3. I hate mustard (the devils condiment haha), beets, when the pockets stick up out of peoples jeans and movies with little kid ghosts (thats too creepy) haha

4. I have walked in the Macys Thanksgiving day parade AND the NYC St Patricks day parade.

5. Im allergic to coffee. I can have any type of coffee or even mocha. I love the smell but i can never have it.

6. Once on a flight from NYC to LA. I made friends with Penny Marsall and Rob Reiner and even sat on Pennys lap for a while ( i was 2 1/2 yrs old hahaha ). My mom said i had them laughing alot so I am proud to say I made 2 of the funniest people in comedy laugh!

7. I once held Hockeys Turner Cup , which is the International Hockey leagues (minor league) version of the Stanley Cup. My goal is to hold the Stanley cup one day.

8. I Once went to a viewing of the SHINING movie in the hotel where Steven King actually got the idea and started writing it. I visited the imfamous haunted ballroom but i was too afraid to go in to room 237 ! It was a fun but scary night hahaa

9. Once while snorkeling in Hawaii I was bumped in the side by a sea turtle almost as large as me. When i happened I was sure it was a shark and I was about to die. I was happy to see it was a friend sea turtle but that was the end of the snorkling trip

10. I have been to Walt Disney World at least 25 times. Dreaming of the 26th time now! :)


  1. Lovely random 10 things about you. The turtle part was cool and sorry for the coffee, I'm an addict!

  2. hahaha There are days I need major caffeine and I curse my allergy haha.

  3. Sorry that you are allergic to coffee! LOL!

    This is a great list though!

  4. Thanks Marian. The coffee thing seems to be a big shocker for a lot of people hahaha...

  5. If you ever do go to Disney, I could probably meed up. =D.

    That's cool those people you met. I was told I met Debbie Harry once when I was two. It's a shame I don't remember that.

    I would have liked to have gone to that hotel room. I want to go to the lighthouse in St. Augustine. I hear that is indeed haunted.

    To hold the Stanley Cup would be awesome! I could think of a few hockey player I'd want by my side when I hold the cup. ;) TMI, I know. LOL.

    Sorry you're allergic to coffee and bee stings. I got bit by a bee once and didn't have any reactions to it. As for coffee, I'm not much of a drinker unless it's iced cold with some chocolate syrup.

    These are a great 10! =D

  6. Thanks Diana. We should meet up for sure next time im down there! I never heard about the st augustine lighthouse but i'll have to check it out.
    Thanks for your comments and im glad to hear your not allergic to bees or coffee :D