Wednesday, November 28, 2012


SOoooo Tomorrow I am going to win the Powerball lotto.... I think i heard it is up to $550 million. So This is what I am going to use my money on :

Anonymous donations to victims of Hurricane Sandy

House for Mom
House for Dad
House for me... (near the water would be nice) 
Help out my friends and family
get a brother or sister for my puppy Teddy
a Australia Vacation
Rent a bunch of bouncy castles for the adults and have a kick ass party!!!
rent a yacht in the Caribbean and sail around for a month
a couple new cars...including a jeep and a new fiat in PINK :)
book a stay in the Cinderella suite in the Castle in the Magic Kingdom
Go to the Culinary Institute of America and learn to cook from the masters :)

But mostly I would use my money to help people...including victims of Domestic Violence, Cancer victims, MS Support Charities and several other positive causes. I could change so many peoples lives with that money.... I pray that I win so I can do good for others but if I dont win I pray the person who does will good also with the money !!!   

Wordless Wednesday

PROOF GBE week # 80

 GBE Week #80 ….Single Syllable Challenge

The challenge this week is to write an essay, a bit of fiction, poem, song lyrics, or whatever using ONLY single syllable words. So this is my take on it :) 

I don’t need proof that you are kind, you show it to me
I don’t need proof of sound, I hear your song
I don’t need proof of your light, it guides my way
I don’t need proof of fear; you put it in my past
I don’t need proof of dreams, they are found in your arms
I don’t need proof of hope; I find it in your words
I don’t need proof of peace; I know it in your touch
I don’t need proof of love; it lives in your heart and mine
I don’t need proof of my wish, It came true when I met you 

<3 <3 <3
<3 <3

Thursday, November 22, 2012

cool pic

Picture of the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade in 1931 !!!!!  WOW ... they crowds are amazing!!
what a glorious time!  
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am going to be blessed to spend the day with my awesome family. It is always great food,football and fun times ...and by fun times, I mean my uncle teasing everyone about different embarrassing things we have done during the year.. hahha GOOD TIMES!!!
I made sweet potato casserole and stuffed mushrooms but that will be one of only 20 different sides usually!!haha...
I am thankful for SO many things this year but that will be a separate blog later!!
Have a wonderful to you all