Friday, September 30, 2011

Love this song... dancing around like a fool :) puppy seems to like it too!! he was sitting on my lap the first time i watched it and he was staring at the screen..Guess teddy is a Maroon 5 fan too hahaha

Thursday, September 29, 2011

day 5 of picture challange

Day 5- A picture of your favorite thing about yourself....i would have to say it would be my laughter or my sense of humor...:) 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

day 4 of picture challenge

Day 4- A picture of your favorite Disney character...... well this picture is perfect because its a tie...between Snow White and The Evil Queen.  I guess its because sometimes i feel like im a mix of both of them...sweet and evil..its also probably because, as you can see from my day 3 post, Snow white was the first movie I ever it holds a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

day 3 of the picture challenge

Day 3- A picture of your favorite childhood movie/TV. Show

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...i was the first movie I ever saw... I was 3 years old and I have been a fan ever since!!! 

day 2 of the picture challange

Day 2- A picture of your name in your own handwriting.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"When I’m safe with you
sleep can come without warning
and dreams without fear."

(daily haiki on love by Tyler Knott Gregson)
daily haiku on love by tyler knott 

(can you tell i love his work?????? amazing...painfully beautiful!!  )
"When it’s on your chest
my hand belongs to your heart,
fingers to your skin."

(daily love Haiku by tyler knott)

30 day Picture Challenge (and Day 1 )

I am participating in the 30 day picture Challenge...Here is the list of daily missions :

Day 1- A picture of a person you’d like to meet, dead or alive.
Day 2- A picture of your name in your own handwriting.
Day 3- A picture of your favorite childhood movie/TV. Show.
Day 4- A picture of your favorite Disney character.
Day 5- A picture of your favorite thing about yourself.
Day 6- A picture of your favorite room in your house.
Day 7– A picture of someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Day 8- A picture of the sunrise/sunset.
Day 9- A picture of your favorite thing to do during the summer.
Day 10- A picture of your house.
Day 11- A picture of what you’re wearing.
Day 12- A picture of three things you see in front of you.
Day 13- A picture of your neighbor.
Day 14- A picture of you holding a paper with "I love 30 Day Picture Challenge" written on it.
Day 15- A picture of your best friend and 10 facts about them.
Day 16- A picture of your favorite summer outfit.
Day 17- A picture of last summer.
Day 18- A picture of your family.
Day 19- A picture of you and your father or just of your father. (If you do not have a father, a picture of a brother, uncle, grandfather, stepfather)
Day 20- A picture of you running through a sprinkler/or swimming.
Day 21- A picture of your favorite popsicle flavor
Day 22- A picture of you in sunglasses.
Day 23- A picture of your favorite summer flower.
Day 24- A picture of the bug or insect you hate the most.
Day 25- A picture of a beach.
Day 26- A picture of your name spelled out in random objects.
Day 27- A picture of your bed and/or room.
Day 28- A picture of your shadow.
Day 29- A picture of scenery. (a road, trees, anything outside.)
Day 30- A picture of your favorite way to cool off......

SO here is my submission for Day 1 :

Day 1- A picture of a person you’d like to meet, dead or alive....Paul Newman.... Do i really need to explain why?? haha... He is every woman's dream. He's sexy, stunningly handsome with the most gorgeous blue eyes ever, caring, moody, funny and talented. but most of all he was a RACE CAR DRIVER hahaha hot!!

One Year ago today

GBE2 Week # 17- ONE YEAR AGO
This was my view One Year Ago today. I was at 'my happy place'...the Happiest place on earth(Disney) with my mom. We were staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and this was the view i woke up room faced one of the reserves and I was able to see Giraffes and zebras and other exotic animals.. I much rather be having this view today instead of the rainy skies but I am still so grateful to have expereinced this. :)



the topic this week in the GBE2 is about loyalty... I started pondering the word loyalty and it made me reflect on a recent experience where i was accused of being disloyal to someone. I was extremely hurt and saddened when i was accused of it.. i wont get into the whole details but basically i was blasted for not telling someone about something i knew...a new twist on 'don't kill the messenger' .... but I was hurt and I dwelled on it for a while. And while i was beating my self up about it i started to think of someone else i had not been loyal to...and that someone was ME. I had been guilty of the worse offenses against loyalty to myself but surprisingly i didn't spend days dwelling on that. I, instead, acted like it never happened and went on with my daily life...continually being disloyal to myself and never acknowledging it .It was amazing to me that while I was silently being loyal to friends and keeping their secrets, I, on the other hand, was readily willing to spill my secrets, confide them in the wrong people; people who spread them, mocked them, abused them and used them to abuse me. Why was i willing to protect others secrets while I wasn't willing show myself the same loyalty. Everyone would come to me with their secrets because I would not judge them or bash them or shame them , instead I would offer them advice or comfort or shelter. But for myself,at the drop of a hat, I was ready to betray myself..bash myself..ignore mysel..deny myself and abuse myself. I guess I never really learned to be loyal to myself. My search for loyalty has been long but it has always been an outward search for loyalty...searches for loyal customers or loyal friends or loyal lovers but I never had any interest in search for loyalty within myself. Usually at the first sign of trouble my mind would run, leaving my body and soul and heart to take the brunt of everything. I was NEVER loyal to the little girl inside me who needed to get things out, to get over things, to heal from things and needed protection from things. Instead I would continuously turn my back on her and tell her i would deal with her when I was ready or had time to deal with her. But all the time I knew that I DIDN'T want to listen to what she had to say...I was not loyal to her..I rather be loyal to the people who hurt her or betrayed her, allowing them to continually perpetuate their abuses on her, causing her to relieve her pain over and over with out anyone to protect or comfort her. I know i cant ignore her forever especially because she does not sit quietly all the time..most time she lashes out and that manifests it self in vicious nightmares or in stomach problems i have or the headaches that feel like jackhammers in my brain... I know I need to be more loyal to myself...I know its not a easy task since I have have been so disloyal to her all these years. But why should i offer loyalty to random people and not to myself. As Napoleaon Hill once said :“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life” ....I believe that...and starting today I will be more loyal to myself and to that girl inside me !

Thursday, September 22, 2011

just for fun...

these 2 clips always make me laugh so hard.... hope they make you laugh too

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Open water

Ahoy mates! This blog is coming to you from aboard the NCL Norwegian Gem ship. It is day 4 of a 7 day trip. This WAS supposed to be a 7night bermuda cruise but thanks to hurricane maria it is now a bahamas/florida cruise. But it is still wonderful. We have visited port canveral and today we visited Great stirrup cay which is a private island. It was beautiful with crystal clear aqua colored water, beach chairs, palm trees and hammocks. I was never so relaxed in my life. And me ,who is terrified of sharks, even floated around the water for hours without even caring about the 'dangers' that lurked below hahaha. I got some sunburn on my chest but besides that I was a Great day. That float around in the water was like therapy... Allowed me to clear my head, think of some things I want to do and things I want to change and I even reevaluated some of my relationships. So when it was time to leave the island and go back to the ship I decided to leave some stuff there.. Like disappointed and my willingness to accept less. I left it there cause I have no need for it anymore and leaving it there freed up my hands so I could carry extra strawberry daquiris hahahah .... This trip couldn't have come at a better time... I really needed a break..tomorrow is nassua bahamas and I hope to be able to post some pics from there. ....I hope everyone is enjoying their week :).
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Saturday, September 10, 2011


sailing away tomorrow on my cruise. I cant wait... im gonna have a great time im sure but something will be missing....(you know who you are)
Look out for (hopefully) daily updates....and maybe one or two 'im the king of the world''s hahaha.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OOOOOOOOOOOOO Where can i get some of this????? My two favs hahahaha

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Insomnia report: Hooked up my printer, Wrote 2 blogs, contemplated starting a tumblr , sorted clothes for my vacation, talked briefly to 'Oscar' on his way to work (the conversation consisted of him telling me to go to bed already hahaha blah blah blah hahaa), sewed two pairs of sweatpants that my puppy chewed holes in ( i wont tell you exactly where but lets just say it was a little breezy this morning when i was walking him...hope the neighbors didn't see ...), tried on a new dress to see how sort i want it hemmed, listen to iTunes, watched 3 Chopped in a row ( now im hungry ) and picking out pictures i want to enlarge for some new frames i got. Busy busy busy and i dont feel any end in sight... wish my medicine would work...wish my mind would turn off...i wish my eyelids would get heavy.... but until they gonna head to facebook and see what trouble i can find hahaha :)
Sweet dreams my friends



GBE2 Week # 15 Topic : LONGING

Longing for ______
* more adventure
* an Indian summer
* the kiss of a love
* a hug from my god kids
* freedom
* a chance to change that no to a yes
* someone to hold my hand
* change
* healing (physically and mentally)
* the chance to go back
* the chance to go forward
* the winning lottery numbers
* honesty
* a tender kiss to take the tears away
* a cute cuddly teddy bear
* a healthier, fitter, sexier body
* a laugh that brings tears to your eyes
* more energy
* a big slice of canoli cake Yum!!!
* for a date with Gerard butler ;)
* a restful sleep
* to have my toes in the sand right now
* healing for all the wonderful people i met at the hospital
* the feel of my hair blowing in the wind on a boat or convertible car
but mostly I am longing
* to hear the whispers of love in my ear. Making everything all right in my world.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


♪ ♫ Memories, light the corners of my mind...Misty watercolor memories of the way we were♪.

I could keep going with that song or play you the heartbreaking clip of Katie pushing Hubble's Sandy blond hair out of his beautiful blue eyes and then.....wait ...where was i ??? Sorry...the thought of Redford's beautiful face disoriented me for a second..haha... Ok that's right we were talking about MEMORIES...which is the subject of today's Challenge in the Positivity Group. The object of the challenge was to post a picture and tell us about that memory...I , of course, could not just pick ONE picture so instead I have chosen 3 of my favorite memories. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the stories:

1)Me and surely older man ...hehe

This picture was taken in Knotts Berry Farm in California. I was there on a trip with my dad. My father worked for a major airline so it was not uncommon for us to hop on a plane to California or Chicago or even Hawaii. On this trip we had visited Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. We had a long day which included log flumes and haunted houses and a old west train ride where train robbin' bandits actually would board the train and rob it...for the adults it was a hoot...not so much of a hoot for the terrified train load of children that actually believed this was real haha after the train ride these 2 'gentleman' were situated outside on a bench. My father told me to go sit in between them so he could get a picture. I took one look at them as was like ' NO WAY!' My fathers version of the story includes me crying and refusing...thats not quite my recollection but i'll continue...finally after the promises of a very greasy powered sugared funnel cake, i relented and went to take the picture...but as you can tell i didn't sit in between ...I wanted a clear escape route hahaha...

2) The Y2k that never was ....

This is a picture of me on new years eve 1999 waiting for the world to end...waiting for Y2k to wipe out all the computers in the world and for all the zombies to emerge and kill us all ...hahaha (basically what the new media hyped it up to be haha) . Its a favorite memory and picture for several was i loved how long and curly and thick my hair was ...those hair days are long gone after years of hairdryer, curling iron and perm abuses added to what medications does to it...I wish i had that hair back but with out the poof on top haha.. second reason i love it is because it is one of the last things i remember that night...We had be 'partying' since 4 that afternoon and this shot was taken about 11p...apparently after the vodka ran out they started making me gin and cranberry juice drinks and the mix was lethal i guess..after what i hear was a period of dancing, singing on top of my lungs, professing my love for Kid Rock and then crying about a jerk of a boyfriend, i passed out in my friends bed at 1130p... where i would later be found hugging their very vicious junkyard dog who apparently wouldn't let anyone get near me for the rest of the night...thanks rocky!! I consider it a good memory because all my friends were there and we had the times of our lives ringing in the new millennium...well not me exactly..i was passed out already hahaha

3) The gang !!

this picture is such a great memory for me because it was taken in LBI, NJ with all my girlfriends. I love it because despite the misty raining crappy day we were determined to be together on that beach..enjoying the day!! and WE DID!!! I loved this pic...just makes me smile to see us all there ...and remembering how we were all sitting there swapping stories and gossip and not caring for one second that it wasn't is a sunny hot day!!!! Love my friends!


another sleepless night.. So far i have watched a sad movie called 'charlie st cloud', then i worked on some blogs i have to finish...then i cleaned the kitchen...then i started to pack for vacation next week ...stared at facebook (boring tonight)...and now im here blurry eyed but not sleepy... i know i have to get up early tomorrow because im throwing a bbq and i have get up and go food shopping and such.... so WHY AM I BLOGGING AT 436am???? DAMN YOU INSOMNIA!!
So ive decided to start working on my christmas list here goes:

1) anything dressed like this

2) gift of music (as in new new ipod)

3) hot stone massage from MassageEnvy in danbury

4) a romantic couple nights in this hot tub with someone i love

5) a gift certificate to Ross (i know they are not around here but for anyone that has shopped at one knows they are worth the drive :) )

6) a Build-a-bear dressed in NY rangers Hockey uniform with actual Rangers Tickets!!!!! that would be my dream sweet!!! (looks like pic below)

I wont be too greedy (i could go on haahaa) ill just end it by saying that I would to be with the ones i love on Christmas...hearing the laughter and joy. that is the best Christmas present around :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

tonights medicine.. please medicine...cure me !!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

trying... this picture...its beautiful and a great message (but its not always easy ..especially when you have extra curves haha...)