Sunday, September 4, 2011


another sleepless night.. So far i have watched a sad movie called 'charlie st cloud', then i worked on some blogs i have to finish...then i cleaned the kitchen...then i started to pack for vacation next week ...stared at facebook (boring tonight)...and now im here blurry eyed but not sleepy... i know i have to get up early tomorrow because im throwing a bbq and i have get up and go food shopping and such.... so WHY AM I BLOGGING AT 436am???? DAMN YOU INSOMNIA!!
So ive decided to start working on my christmas list here goes:

1) anything dressed like this

2) gift of music (as in new new ipod)

3) hot stone massage from MassageEnvy in danbury

4) a romantic couple nights in this hot tub with someone i love

5) a gift certificate to Ross (i know they are not around here but for anyone that has shopped at one knows they are worth the drive :) )

6) a Build-a-bear dressed in NY rangers Hockey uniform with actual Rangers Tickets!!!!! that would be my dream sweet!!! (looks like pic below)

I wont be too greedy (i could go on haahaa) ill just end it by saying that I would to be with the ones i love on Christmas...hearing the laughter and joy. that is the best Christmas present around :)

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