Tuesday, September 6, 2011


GBE2 Week # 15 Topic : LONGING

Longing for ______
* more adventure
* an Indian summer
* the kiss of a love
* a hug from my god kids
* freedom
* a chance to change that no to a yes
* someone to hold my hand
* change
* healing (physically and mentally)
* the chance to go back
* the chance to go forward
* the winning lottery numbers
* honesty
* a tender kiss to take the tears away
* a cute cuddly teddy bear
* a healthier, fitter, sexier body
* a laugh that brings tears to your eyes
* more energy
* a big slice of canoli cake Yum!!!
* for a date with Gerard butler ;)
* a restful sleep
* to have my toes in the sand right now
* healing for all the wonderful people i met at the hospital
* the feel of my hair blowing in the wind on a boat or convertible car
but mostly I am longing
* to hear the whispers of love in my ear. Making everything all right in my world.


  1. Beautifully done, but it makes me a bit sad. I would wish for you to not long any longer. Instead to go make those things happen. <3

  2. So love your list! And I am sure your wishes wil come true!