Sunday, September 4, 2011


♪ ♫ Memories, light the corners of my mind...Misty watercolor memories of the way we were♪.

I could keep going with that song or play you the heartbreaking clip of Katie pushing Hubble's Sandy blond hair out of his beautiful blue eyes and then.....wait ...where was i ??? Sorry...the thought of Redford's beautiful face disoriented me for a second..haha... Ok that's right we were talking about MEMORIES...which is the subject of today's Challenge in the Positivity Group. The object of the challenge was to post a picture and tell us about that memory...I , of course, could not just pick ONE picture so instead I have chosen 3 of my favorite memories. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the stories:

1)Me and surely older man ...hehe

This picture was taken in Knotts Berry Farm in California. I was there on a trip with my dad. My father worked for a major airline so it was not uncommon for us to hop on a plane to California or Chicago or even Hawaii. On this trip we had visited Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. We had a long day which included log flumes and haunted houses and a old west train ride where train robbin' bandits actually would board the train and rob it...for the adults it was a hoot...not so much of a hoot for the terrified train load of children that actually believed this was real haha after the train ride these 2 'gentleman' were situated outside on a bench. My father told me to go sit in between them so he could get a picture. I took one look at them as was like ' NO WAY!' My fathers version of the story includes me crying and refusing...thats not quite my recollection but i'll continue...finally after the promises of a very greasy powered sugared funnel cake, i relented and went to take the picture...but as you can tell i didn't sit in between ...I wanted a clear escape route hahaha...

2) The Y2k that never was ....

This is a picture of me on new years eve 1999 waiting for the world to end...waiting for Y2k to wipe out all the computers in the world and for all the zombies to emerge and kill us all ...hahaha (basically what the new media hyped it up to be haha) . Its a favorite memory and picture for several was i loved how long and curly and thick my hair was ...those hair days are long gone after years of hairdryer, curling iron and perm abuses added to what medications does to it...I wish i had that hair back but with out the poof on top haha.. second reason i love it is because it is one of the last things i remember that night...We had be 'partying' since 4 that afternoon and this shot was taken about 11p...apparently after the vodka ran out they started making me gin and cranberry juice drinks and the mix was lethal i guess..after what i hear was a period of dancing, singing on top of my lungs, professing my love for Kid Rock and then crying about a jerk of a boyfriend, i passed out in my friends bed at 1130p... where i would later be found hugging their very vicious junkyard dog who apparently wouldn't let anyone get near me for the rest of the night...thanks rocky!! I consider it a good memory because all my friends were there and we had the times of our lives ringing in the new millennium...well not me exactly..i was passed out already hahaha

3) The gang !!

this picture is such a great memory for me because it was taken in LBI, NJ with all my girlfriends. I love it because despite the misty raining crappy day we were determined to be together on that beach..enjoying the day!! and WE DID!!! I loved this pic...just makes me smile to see us all there ...and remembering how we were all sitting there swapping stories and gossip and not caring for one second that it wasn't is a sunny hot day!!!! Love my friends!


  1. Very great blog! Your red hair is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your memories with us!

  2. thanks D.... :)

    Thanks so much Marian... Thanks for the inspiration !!!