Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Insomnia report: Hooked up my printer, Wrote 2 blogs, contemplated starting a tumblr , sorted clothes for my vacation, talked briefly to 'Oscar' on his way to work (the conversation consisted of him telling me to go to bed already hahaha blah blah blah hahaa), sewed two pairs of sweatpants that my puppy chewed holes in ( i wont tell you exactly where but lets just say it was a little breezy this morning when i was walking him...hope the neighbors didn't see ...), tried on a new dress to see how sort i want it hemmed, listen to iTunes, watched 3 Chopped in a row ( now im hungry ) and picking out pictures i want to enlarge for some new frames i got. Busy busy busy and i dont feel any end in sight... wish my medicine would work...wish my mind would turn off...i wish my eyelids would get heavy.... but until they do...im gonna head to facebook and see what trouble i can find hahaha :)
Sweet dreams my friends

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  1. I so understand how you feel, 8 hours of sleep in the last 60 hrs!