Friday, July 8, 2011

teddys storm lessons

It is beginning to rain here, the storm is about to hit. I knew it was coming (besides the weather mans predictions). I knew because teddy (my puppy was walking circles for a while and is now propped up on my lap (making it not so easy to type this post haha) As he begged for me to pick him up I heard the first rumblings of the thunder in the distance. It amazes me that he knew it was coming even before I could hear it. This started me thinking of some life lessons i could take from this simple action of his. I guess the rain has mellowed my mood(or it could be other things) but I have decided to list some of the things that came to mind along with some pics at the end that I gave me inspiration today....

Lessons from teddy :

1. Trust someone who knows something you dont know. Their advice is meant to help not hurt

2. Just because you cant see or hear something doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it could be right around the corner.

3. Theres nothing like a mothers love. Shes there to hold you when you need her.

4. One mans fear is another mans pleasure. (he might hate the thunder but I am loving the sound right now)

5. Look at someones actions, they can be tell tale signs of what is come. Dont ignore them.
and finally.....
6. seek comfort from those who love you when you are afraid or going thru a storm, they will protect you