Sunday, July 17, 2011

So at this moment if wrote I how felt it wouldnt be entertaining for anyone to read ( and Im not completely sure I would want to write it down because then I would have to see it in black and write and right now I rather live in the grey) SOOOOO instead i just post some of the things make me happy so I can take my mind off the other. Hope you enjoy :)


LBI in NJ. One of my favorite places on earth and I really wish i was there right now.


anything Hello Kitty. ( i know its silly but it makes me happy haha)


Gnomes! I love Gnomes!! I once found the perfect gnome in Ireland and carried him all the way home to the states haha.


Taking pictures. Its killing me now that my camera has died but hoping i get a new one for my bday :) This is a pic i took one day on a flower tour around my neighborhood haha.


Do I even have to explain. YUM !


This combines 3 things I love: my niece, nephew and Christmas. What is better than that???


a nice fruity martini with friends. Could go for one right now !


My ipod and my music.


Swimming...I love the feel of the water ...helps destress! :)


last one is blank cause something is missing but thats another story for another time.