Wednesday, April 18, 2012

M is for Miles

A to Z Challenge....Letter M

M is for Miles

I have been many miles this past week... I flew from New York to Orlando, from Orlando I drove to Lady Lake, from Lady lake I drove to Jupiter, from Jupiter I drove to Orlando, from Orlando I flew back to new. In total this was many, MANY miles. Wow but I realized one matter how many miles I travel or how many miles are in between me and my loved ones, it doesn't matter when I see their faces. Its like we were never separated, that there was no distance at all and we picked up right where we left off . Nothing matters at that moment...not the price of the ticket or the early morning departures or the just general stress of traveling. The first time my Dad makes me laugh or I hear my friend scream my name from her front door as I arrive, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.... The miles disappear and we are together....if only for a week.....

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