Sunday, April 1, 2012


Tomorrow I have such a to-do,laundry,working on my writing (I am so behind), booking my ticket to florida, writing some emails and then going out with some friends for dinner. I know I should have done some of those things today but i was just too lazy and I was actually hiding out in my room. Grrrrrrr to the to-do list hahaha ... OHHHHH but i will take some time to work on my Pinterst....I am OBSESSED hahaha ...i love it and i have found so many pretty pictures and great ideas...My Bucket list is growing thanks to Pinterest !!! :)


  1. That's good. I don't use Pinterest that much, I'm afraid.

  2. hahaha Afraid of wht??? i love it ... so many pretty things :)

    1. Just in my own little world these days...Too many desserts and I'm on this Lent thing...LOL...