Saturday, April 14, 2012

L is for Lists

A to Z Challenge....Letter L

L is for Lists


At any given time I have about 5 lists going. They are usually a to-do, a to-get, a list of blog ideas, a list for others to do and my bucket list. I love lists..... and this is why :

1. They keep me on track
2. it helps me remember because as soon as i think something i usually forget it
3. I can list things in order of importance..
4. I can add things to the bucket list to give me motivation to try new things and visit new places.
5. I can leave lists for others so they know what should be done.

so as you can see i wrote a list about how much i love to write lists hahahaha.... whats on your list to do today ??? I hope you enjoy it !


  1. I couldn't live without stickie notes -- now I even have the sticki note app on my ipad.

  2. I wish I would keep my lists with me...I have to rely on pure memory. LOL