Thursday, April 26, 2012

U is for Underoos

A to Z Challenge ....Letter U

U is for Underoos

Recently I was on the phone with a friend and the subject of Underoos came up....actually I was teasing my friend saying they were probably wearing them ,but later as I thought back on the conversation I started to smile when I thought about the Underoos...I used to have the greatest ones...WONDER WOMAN Underroos... I also had Strawberry shortcake and Mickey Mouse ones but I loved my wonder woman ones. I thought they secretly made me a super granted I was 5 years old and had an extremely vivid imagination but for all intense and purposes I WAS Wonder Woman.... flying around the house...leaping from tall buildings(couches hah) and fighting evil ( my cousin who was 6 months older than me and had a habit on chomping down on the nearest persons arms or hand or even leg once. ) ...I was fearless and unstoppable and this made me think ...WHY CANT THEY MAKE THOSE IN ADULT SIZES.... I think if I had on my Wonder Woman Underoos I would standing a little taller, I would be feeling a little more confident and maybe even a little less fearful. If I was wearing those Underoos I would not be effected by the screaming kid at the table next to me , I would finally be applying for photojournalism courses and I would be booking my solo road trip up to Acadia national park... I realllllly need those underoos :)    .....

What would you do right now if you were wearing your Super Hero Underoos?????

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  1. I'm not all that sure that wearing Underoos would boost my courage! lol
    But whatever works for you - I'm all for it! lol (just kiddin' around...) ;)