Thursday, April 12, 2012

J is for Jenny

A to Z Challenge....Letter J

J is for Jenny ( I spell it with a I but its a small technical detail)

Here's a collection of "JENNY" songs that I love..... Is there a song with your name name??? share it in my comments...I would love to hear them :)

P.S. The last one is about a guy who kills a girl for not loving her...hahaha...but I still love it !


  1. 867-5309..."Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to?...."
    That song is forever embedded into my mind because of that catchy phone number!

    Nice take on "J."

  2. hahahah thanks so much :) ..... we tried calling this number once but it said the number was not accepting incoming calls hahahaa... i guess tooo many prank them :)