Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letter C.....C is for Cant/Can

I cant taste, see or smell mustard. GROSS
I cant stand people who don't say thank you when you hold the door for them
I cant sing...even though i think i can and i do it loudly in the car
I cant live without my family, friends, Pepsi, traveling, my puppy or music
I cant whistle with 2 fingers in my mouth
i cant play a instrument
I cant accept the way things are
I cant imagine a life without you in it
I cant change somethings...but i can try and change me .

I can see myself being a photographer in the future
I can stop the negative thinking
I can sit at the beach from sun up to sun down and never get tired of it. The beach soothes me.
I can make the best macaroni salad
I can recite all the words from Pee wee Hermans big adventure
I can day dream about you all day
I can see myself living a happy life with you BUT .....
I can accept that things are they way they are ...and I Can move on.


  1. Excellent C post!! There are many things we can do-- and can't do-- and as long as we know this going in we can deal!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  2. LOVE the dual list - nice job! I always appreciate my Cant's because without doing so I wouldn't be so aware of my Can items!

  3. I love this take on the letter C!! Brilliant post and also gives us a little insight into you!


  4. Great idea! Good to know more about you - and you've got me thinking about my own can/can't list now!

  5. I sure CAN do the beach thing and unfortunatellt the negativet thinking thing.

  6. This was so refreshing! I really liked it! Great take on "C."

  7. Oh, this was SO good!