Saturday, April 21, 2012

R is for Ross

A to Z Challenge....Letter R

R is for Ross....Ross Dress for Less

What can I say about Ross except it is my heaven, my happy place, my obsession. I was first exposed to Ross when I moved to Colorado for school. We did not have Ross in NY but it was love at first site. Great cool clothes and cheap cheap prices. I have since hit Ross Stores every where I have gone that had one...California, Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and Of course Florida.. I have hit every Ross in the Orlando area and beyond and that is a LOT of Ross'. Sometimes I hit 2 or 3 or 4 in a single day and each store I find something to buy. Yesterday for example my friend Melissa took me to 2 Ross's and in store number 1 I got 4 summer dresses, one bathing suit coverup and a shirt all for $90 ...NINETY DOLLARS!!!   and in the store number 2 i got 2 shirts , the perfect dress for a interview, and another sundress and this time the total was $45 . The Interview dress alone in a store like Macys or even Sears would have been $40 ...and I got all those other pieces.  I don't have a Ross near me and the closest one to my home is 86 miles away....sometimes I hate that I don't have one close and others I am happy... i would probably be broke if I had one around the block hahaha.....


  1. Wow. Never heard of this chain! Being from NY, I have shopped at Loehmann's and Century 21 (in Brooklyn) and a host of others. Will have to be on the lookout! Thanks for sharing...

  2. would love it!!! the closest one to me is Princeton, NJ and sometimes I really consider doing the drive hahaha... I have always wanted to visit Century 21 but i dont think they have my size :( maybe one day hahaha