Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a week

I had an amazing birthday week which included dinner with my mom and some friends, another dinner with my cousins, another dinner with my gang (we may or may not have had a couple martinis wink wink) and friday my friend took me to palisades center mall where we went to lunch, movies, shopping, played pool, rode the ferris wheel,and then dinner...i was so tired at the end of that day hahaha. But yesterday was the topper to the week...My town was holding a 70's Disco night and my family went. It was my mom and her boyfriend, my 2 uncles, an aunt, my uncles mom who is like a grandma to me, 3 cousins, my friend and one doggie (teddy).It was a perfect night, warm but with no humidity. We all had our beach chairs and some drinks and the park was serving food so some of the family had some burgers and chicken. We sat around and enjoyed the music, my mom and grandma and cousin got up and danced to 'stayin' alive' and we all just enjoyed each others company and laughed the whole night. I couldnt help but smile most of the night because it was just perfect and I am so blessed to have them all in my life. so all in all it was one of the best bdays I have had. I am one lucky gal :) (ps i would have posted pics but camera was still busted but im happy to report i bought a new one today woo hoo )


  1. thanks claudia :) but tooooo much cake !! need to get on the treadmill asap !