Monday, August 1, 2011

GBE week # 11- INSTINCT

Definition of INSTINCT
1: a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity
2a : a largely inheritable and unalterable tendency of an organism to make a complex and specific response to environmental stimuli without involving reason
b : behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level

This weeks topic in the GBE (group blogging experience) is INSTINCT. There has been many time in my life that INSTINCT has played a role...for good or bad. The following are some examples:

GOOD: Instinct told me it was not a good idea to sneak into an old abandoned house with some friend in HS . They ended up getting arrested and I was home watching MTV.

BAD: Instinct told be to it was not a good idea to buy the $200 suede fringe boots because they were not a reasonable purchase...but i didnt listen to instinct and i bought them and the "suede fringe" craze ended the following week and i never wore them again hahaa

GOOD: Instinct told me that getting in the back seat of a car with 2 friend that were drinking and fighting with their boyfriends was a bad idea...(Instinct was so strong it actually caused stomach problems) I chose not to get in the car and they were involved in a car crash.

BAD: Instinct told me it was not a good idea to get in the trunk of a car with a guy and let the driver speed around a local parking lot...but i didnt listen to instinct. Luckily I survived but i makes me nervous now to think of the silly things like that I have done .

GOOD: Instinct told me that a girl I knew threw a mutual friend was a great person (even though the mutual friend talked bad about her all the time...and as it turned out the same person talked bad about me haha) i followed my instinct and flash forward 23 years and not only is she my Best friend but she is the sister I never had...

BAD: That no one payed any mind to the Instincts of a child . Sometimes children have more powerful instincts than adults. I wish someone would have paid attention to mine, maybe I would have been spared some evil in my life.

GOOD: Instinct tells me im gonna be ok. I hope Instinct is right :)

Instincts are a very powerful force in my life and lately they seem to be really kicking up...Instincts telling my heart and mind what to do and not do...I am getting alot of gut feelings lately...Instincts telling me who to believe and who not to believe ....But the important question is whether i am going to listen to those soft whispers of Instinct or just follow my heart or desires. I guess only time will tell.


  1. Great listing and I agree with you in respect to children's instincts! So true!

  2. thanks so much Claudia. Kids and dogs sometimes can be better judges of people than adults are :)

  3. It's amazing the stuff we look back on and wonder, what the hell was I thinking??

    Oh, and I think you should always try to trust your gut. If you really listen to it, it'll never steer you wrong.

  4. Interesting. When you broke away from your instincts, that's when trouble came about.


  5. Jenni, I know what you mean. There are some instincts I've ignored and wished I hadn't at the last moment.

    For the most part, my instincts have kept me going and I think I'm doing great things. I also think it's important to listen to the instincts of a child. No one listened to mine, but I listened to my child's. I never wanted him to grow up feeling the way I did about others.

    I love this post! =D

  6. I believe you nailed this one! The good/bad examples apply to many in some way.
    I say, "Learn to listen, your gut knows what you head doesn't, yet." C:

  7. Ignoring what your instinct tells you inevitably leads to problems, either for yourself or for someone else.

  8. I think it is always good to trust your instincts!! Listen to that gut feeling. Great post--I like the way you presented this week's topic!

  9. It seems we learn the hard way to trust our instincts, then fortunately like you did, we get some eye openers in life that underline how important listening to that inner voice is.


  10. I agree with you--I've realized at this point in my life if I have a feeling about something, there's probably a reason. It's good to use instinct with logic too, of course.

  11. I perfectly understand you. I try not to reflect on regrets but there certainly have been times when I did not listen to my instincts

  12. It's taken me a long time to learn to trust my instincts, which are surprisingly strong, despite my efforts to ignore them. Hope you get alone with yours and they steer you right *hugs*