Monday, August 1, 2011

Dreams of the next 30 years

The word prompt challenge this week was "Dreaming"...I was trying to decide which way to take this and of course I could have easily discussed the literal meaning of dreaming since I do it all the time but unfortunately they are not as peaceful as i would like. Nightmares plague my sleep so 'dreaming' is a unpleasant subject to me :) haha So while I was working on this post and rambling on about my weird dreams, the following song came on the radio. It stopped me in my tracks...I've never heard it since I am only a new fan of country but I instantly LOVED it and its meaning ( also he is not to bad to look at either hahaha)...

Hearing this song and with my Birthday fast approaching, it got me thinking about what i would like to do in my next 30 here is some of my DREAMS of the next 30 years:

1. Visit every National Park. It would probably take me 30 yrs to do it but Im ready :

2. see a elephant up close... touch it ...kiss it ... they are so beautiful

3. attend a taping of Saturday Night dying to do that...

4. Sell a photo to a magazine... one day i hope

5. Learn glass blowing....i know it is strange but I always think it is so cool

6. Attend the Kentucky Derby and drink a mint Julep

7. Swim with dolphins... I have had the chance to do this so many times but have chicken out

8. make love on a forest floor or a beach under the stars. so romantic and peaceful

9. visit the Daytona 500 ...think it would be so cool.

10 . Swim in one of the great lakes

11. go rollerskating again

12. own a house on the beach or a lake

13. have someone i love take me on a romantic picnic date

14. Visit Normandy. My grandfather was one of the boys that landed on Normandy

15. Attend the Academy Awards

16. make enough money to make myself and my parents comfortable and worry free

17. make someone cry out of happiness

18. go in a hot air balloon

19. Learn to take (and believe) a compliment

20. Grow old with the one I love

I could go on and on with my dreams of the next 30 years but instead I will just let my mind wander! Its wonderfully positive to dream of the NEXT 30 Years...I'm looking forward to them and im sure its gonna be GREAT!!!! :) WHAT do YOU want to do with your next 30 yrs?????


  1. What a great take on this subject and that song is amazing!

    I love all of the things that you want to do--very inspiring!

    Thanks so much for participating in the Positivity Challenge!

  2. Thanks Marian... this was fun...I love your challenges. I am inspired to get to some of these :)

  3. I once made a list of things to do before 20, and again before 30. I should make another one before 40. At least this time if I did, there would be plenty of time. LOL. This is a great list to have.

  4. What a wonderfull list, we share so many items.

  5. @diana- that is a great idea... thanks so much for your post!!

    @ Claudia..thanks for the compliment. I will keep you updated when i do some of these hahaha