Sunday, August 21, 2011

penny wishes

Yesterday I made a wish ( or a couple ) while throwing some pennies in a local fountain. I know it is childish and silly but I thought 'who am I to tempt fate' I stood there..Pennies in my hand...eyes wishes swirling around my head before extend my hand forward...shaking the 2 pennies like im rolling dice at a craps table in Vegas and then I release them...they 2 copper dreams sailing through the air before finally landing into the fountain filled with other people wishes and dreams. One even skipped across the water (which i took as a good sign but that also is probably just wishful thinking haha). I watch each penny float gently to bottom of the fountain and finally landing softly without a sound but in my heart I hope it is loud enough for the heavens to hear my wishes. I stand there staring at the fountain hoping for it holds some magical power to grant my wishes BUT just in case it doesnt and my penny wishes weren't heard I used the following things to make wishes on also .....

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want my wishes to come true...(can you tell?? haha) What do you wish for?????????????


  1. No wish should be shared right Jenni? :) Nice idea though!

  2. thanks claudia!! sharing or it wont come true !! :)