Sunday, August 7, 2011

dreaming of vacation

The challenge this week in my "fun with blogging" group is to blog about Vacation. I decided to post some pictures from my recent vacation to LBI (long beach Island, NJ) LBI is my little piece of heaven. If I could move here I would!!! I hope you enjoy the pics as much as i enjoyed being there :)

Our journey down in the cobra...sun shining...some suspicious black truck following us

theres that truck again ;) hahaa

first glimpse of the beach..

No pearl again....story of my life hahaha

Journey of a million miles...blah blah blah hahaha

"be careful on the slippery rocks!!!!"

i thought this was cool

Sunrise over Beach Haven

Storm rolling in

Tracks of the infamous One legged seagull??? we'll never know hahaha

This was such a great vacation. I cant wait to go back again ! :)


  1. This is beautiful. I lived on the West End of Long Beach on Long Island for about 3 years. I loved it there...Even in the winter. Thank you for sharing these pics and thank you for participating in this week's topic. =D

  2. So pretty! We went there when I was a child though I haven't been there in years! I loved your pictures!

  3. Lovely photos, very nice approach!

  4. @Diana-Thank you for posting that topic and for your comment :) I had a friend that used to live near there. it was really nice :)

    @Marian-I really love it there. So would never believe you are only 2 hrs from NYC. Feels more like NC

    @Claudia- thanks so much . Im glad you enjoyed them