Monday, August 15, 2011

mood changing music

My friend told me yesterday to put on some happy music when I was feeling down.My usual M.O. is to play some sad depressing music that only made me feel worse in the end. SO today when I wasn't feeling the happiest i could feel and I was reaching for the iPod and pulling down the shades, I remembered what she said and I stopped...Figuring i had nothing to lose by playing some 'happy music' and i have to admit that i was almost wanting to prove it wouldn't i put down the iPod and went to the computer. Searching thru my iTunes for something peppy music to listen to. I listened to a couple and I have to admit i started to feel better...starting to sing a a little...feel better a little... and then before I knew I WAS feeling better and by the time the 2 following songs played, i was dancing around my room and singing on top of my lungs ( my apologies to my neighbors and my puppy who had to listen to me hahaha) This was one move to step out of my usual habits and im glad i did. Thanks Diana for helping me get out of my funk wit your suggestion!!! TURN UP VOLUME MY FRIENDS!!!


  1. Hi Jenni...I tried to follow the link from Claudia's blog the other day but it didn't bring me here. I finally was able to have success tonight by clicking on your icon when you commented on my posting. (which I've tried before) I'm so happy it finally worked...I'm your newest follower and love the look and feel of your blog. Happy belated birthday and a cruise and a concert...a whole lot of joy going on here.


  2. These are great songs, thanks for sharing.