Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Todays Challenge in the Positivity group is about BEAUTY! This challenge involves the WORD~Beauty and what it means or conjures up. I have decided to list things I find beautiful.

* my god kids and their giggles
* a mossy rock in a forest
* a baby piglet
* footprints on a deserted beach
* the babbling brook near my house (especially after a rain storm)
* pine trees with fresh snow on them
* the angelic voice of Sarah McLachlan
* My old church, Sacred Heart in Yonkers.
* my friends big Celtic cross tattoo on his calf
* sunset over a lake
* rain streaming down a window
* my friends gorgeous thick blond hair.
* silence after a busy noisy day
* the sound of crickets and frogs chirping in the summer night
* starfishes and baby turtles
* Old pictures of my family
* my mom. I think she is the most beautiful person. inside and out
* that date circled on my calender that it signifies the end of a long road
* a lone flower growing thru cement
* The leaves in the fall
* acorns
* "oscar"s eyes and face
* my puppy teddy when he sleeping
* rainbows
* lightning
* Lightning bugs
* my families laughter around a holiday table
* a lit Christmas tree in a dark room
* little kids when they first see a Disney character
* the painting 'stary night' by van gogh
* campfires and smores
* flickering candles
* Weeping willow trees
* make someone laugh hard
* old couples holding hands
* a hug when you really need one

What do YOU find beautiful??? let me know :)


  1. This is beautiful! I love your list and find many of the same things beautiful in my own life!

  2. awww thank you so much Marian. I could have kept going...thanks for your challenge Idea!!!!

  3. This is wonderful. I am planning on making one too. :)

  4. d I hope you do!! i look forward to reading your list :)