Tuesday, August 23, 2011

did you feel it????

We had a Earthquake here in NY...Ok ok ok...it wasn't quite like the picture above but it was enough to shake up the city, close JFK Airport and evacuate buildings. The Earthquakes epee-center was in Virginia but it was felt as far as Boston and as far south as the Carolina's....I UNFORTUNATELY did NOT feel the quake...I don't know if I just was oblivious or if it didn't hit my town as hard. But talking to friends that are just south of me and also north of me and they all felt it ...so I guess my town is just immune to the shocks hahaha.... But anyway I am happy to report that there was no major loss of life or property...there are some reports of the Washington monument tilting but so far nothing major. We are blessed that it wasn't worse. I know people on the west coast are laughing at out wimpy 5.8 mag earthquake but for the east coast that is very rare and strong. But im safe and now listening to a song in honor of the earthquake....enjoy !!!!

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