Tuesday, November 1, 2011


(this is me hahahaha)

Ok ok...not exactly the arctic but it sure feels like that when you are sleeping in a house with no electric or heat. On sat around 4p we lost power and as of today, Tues at 2:22pm we still dont have it back. In fact they are not sure when we should get it back. So I am in a library now for heat, internet access, a power plug to charge my phone and for some human contact, even if it IS only a half smile to the person sitting across me at the table. In this time with no electric I have had to do the following this to get by or to just amuse myself....hope you enjoy them :

1. I had to sleep with 2 sweatshirts, 2 pairs of socks, sweatpants all under 3 thick blankets and I topped it off with a lovely camouflage fleece hat. I was totally prepared for the cold temperatures and for any lone deers that might trample through my bedroom hahah

2. I had to heat water so i could wash my hair and body. The warm water was a lovely contrast from the ice cold water that was running from faucet. It was so lovely in fact that i totally forgot the fact that I standing in front of my kitchen window in my 'unmentionables' for the whole world to see....oh well...

3. I fought for the one lone electrical plug left at Barnes and noble. Myself and 100 other people witout power had invaded the unprepared book store and proceeded to suck them dry of all their power. Charging our laptops, cell phones, ipads, ipods and I even saw one person charging their electric toothbrush...REALLY? (i think to myself as I plug in and see the battery light brighten before my eyes....ahhhhhhhhhh I GOT THE POWER!!!!

4.We have eaten at every fast food joint in the area that has power. Right now i am actually craving a nice healthy salad since i am sooooo sick of fast food. What will tonights meal be??? well i can tell you it will NOT be Mcdonalds. They have hung a sign that they are out of food. OUT OF FOOD???? OMG the world is ending hahaha

5. I have read some of my book by candlelight, Listened to my iPod, stared at the flickering candles for 2 hours straight, i have taken a countless number of pictures of my puppy curled against me for heat and I have eaten way too much left over Halloween candy.
and that was just LAST night...i swear i will go insane tonight for sure haha....

All of that being said, I am keeping hope that we will get power soon and I am grateful to have a home with blankets, a non electric stove so we can at least still make soup and hot tea and mostly I am grateful have this nice warm library right down... God Bless you library System and your free wifi :)


  1. thanks Claudia...it came on earlier...hopefully we will keep power haha