Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Life Cornucopia

My life Cornucopia

Cornucopia has always been my favorite word. I don't know what it is but this word just makes me happy. Not just the meaning which means horn of plenty but just the mere word itself. It is just fun to say. One of my friends ,Michele,knows this is my favorite word and around this time a year I will undoubtedly get a random call from her where she will just say the word and then laughs and hangs up... we are just goofy like that sometimes . So when I came across the above picture it made me think, what do I want in my Life Cornucopia? what do i want to fill my own Horn of plenty with ? So these are some of the items:

* Laughter. Lots and lots of laughter
* Good Health. for me and all my friends and family
* Security. It would be great not to have to worry about money or struggling
* Forgiveness. I would love the ability to forgive easier. both others and myself
* Travel. I love to travel and would to be able to travel more and to places i have never been before .
* Love. More love is never a bad thing.
* Food. I would love to try new and interesting restaurants and foods. expand my palette
* Friends. I have some great ones but there is always room for more
* Patience. I dont have much so i would love to have a extra supply of it
* Memories. Memories are a great gift and I want to hold on to as many as I can
* Time. a lot of Time with family and friends.time to enjoy the simple things

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies "Its a wonderful life" is from a scene where Mary and George are giving gifts to the Martini family when they move into their new home. Mary says to them :

"Bread... that this house may never know hunger. Salt... that life may always have flavor. And wine... that joy and prosperity may reign forever"

So I would like also add Bread, Salt and Wine to my cornucopia for good measure. But ultimately if my horn was just filled with family, friends and love. It would be all I really need. I hope you all have a very Happy thanksgiving and may your cornucopia be overflowing this year and every year following.


  1. Wonderful post--I love what you filled your horn with!! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Cheers, Jenn.

  2. Thank Jenn....Happy Thanksgiving to you too !!!