Thursday, November 10, 2011

my night with 3 Doors Down

There are not many times in your life when a reality will be better then your fantasy...BUT last night was one such time!! any expectations that I had about seeing 3 doors down live could not compare to what felt like to see them...THEY WERE AMAZING!!!! They played for almost 2 hours and the energy never stopped from the first song to the last. They seem like they sincerely love what they do and love their fans...after the encore they stood on the stage and threw out sticks and picks and bent down to take pictures with people. It took them a long time to leave the stage and I really felt like they didnt want to leave. Here are some pictures from last night :

opening song

set for Kryptonite

Good Night New York!!!

best part of the whole night....I was proofed and the guys werent!!!!! WOO HOO..(i dont look under 21 but she said i looked under 30 ..i wanted to kiss her hahaha)

Awesome night. I recommend you check them out if they come around!

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