Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You can not always control circumstances, but you can control your own thoughts.” ~ Charles Popplestown

I belong to a group on Facebook called the GBE 2 (group blogging experience 2...the original group was on remember MySpace right?? ). Every week a new topic will be posted and everyone will in their own way will blog about the topic. This weeks topic is about CONTROL, which got me thinking and thinking hard (can you smell the smoke?? haha). I didn't know which way to approach this topic so i just chose to list some things with control in mind > Here is my list of 8 things:

1. I love the CONTROL the remote. I am horrible. Maybe i have a touch of A.D.D or maybe I should have been born a boy but I just love the remote and I never stay on one program. Constantly flipping, flipping ,flipping finding 3 or 4 programs i really like but in the end never seeing the beginning or ending of any of them because im too busy flipping haha

2. I would love to CONTROL my puppy's biting and barking. I know he is a baby but i feel like a pin cushion sometimes and i cant get on the phone without him barking the whole time (rolling my eyes) haha

3. I wish I could have a better CONTROL over my sleep or more importantly the LACK of sleep. I know there are so many factors in my life and mind that control my sleep patterns but I wish just one night i could sleep soundly without nightmares or waking 10 times.

4. I would love to CONTROL a small country especially if its on an island somewhere. I would make an excellent just saying hahahaa

5. I pray for some strength when i comes to my health. I know a lot is out of my CONTROL but I need to be strong and that is easier said than done sometimes.

6. I am trying to CONTROL my thoughts both negative and positive. The positive is always the easier for me to gravitate towards so I want to get a better handle on the positive one....especially believing the positive ones... i want to believe them but my fear takes over.

7. 5 things i can CONTROL right this second: my smiles, my ability to give someone a compliment, the food that goes in my mouth, my curses (i have a little bit of a potty mouth) and my response time to calls and emails (im a slacker sometimes)


8. 5 things I wish i could CONTROL: my negative thoughts about myself; the power of the past over me; my fear of being hurt again; my fears about my health and finally I wish i could control my minds doubts when someone says they love me. that's the hardest one to control by far.

Sometimes I wish i could just release some control into the hands of others or the universe or god but I know in the end it is only in my hands to CONTROL my future and happiness. And I am ready for the challenge!!!!!


  1. This is a very honest blog! Our thoughts do manifest and when we have fear our lives are less our own and less happy. This is something that I too have struggled with and in all honesty think that the majority of people do even those with lots of machismo! LOL!

    The mind has to be made into a friend and for me I do this with meditation...

    Lovely blog!

  2. I think #4 is my favourite :)) Wouldn't mind a go at that myself!

  3. Yep, number 4 is my favorite! My husband and I actually looked online at islands for sale-not that we could ever afford one! lol

  4. i WANT TO SEE YOUR PUPPY!!! can you put an image in here for me?!!! ; ) LOVE the island idea. One day i went up to canada and had to cross this bridge over ALL these lil islands; it was called THOUSAND ISLANDS..and here i thought that was just a salad dressing. SOoo reading your thoughts brought this to mind..we are ALL lil islands..and YOU ARE the queen of who is your King? : ) hehe LOVED THIS..MUAH!!!!!!

  5. What a great post...and you are right sometimes controlling our negative thoughts and doubt by turning them into positive ones is hard...but it can be done, and some days it is easier than others where this is concerned.

    I love #4. I want an island and I want be Queen. And I want a bunch of minions that I can control...wait did I say that outloud?? LOL

    Cheers, Jenn

  6. I want the island, too!

  7. Love the island idea. I'd be too busy fishing to make a good Queen, though~or maybe that could be my first rule....
    Yep, Rule One~ The Queen must be allowed to fish whenever she likes without being disturbed.
    Yeah, I'd make a great Queen ; )
    My favorite is #7. You nailed it head on : )

  8. thank you everyone for you positive comments!!! This weeks topic was great!!!
    Brenda~ I just posted pics of my puppy teddy. Check them out!! :)

  9. Hmm...control a small that I hadn't thought it!