Thursday, June 16, 2011

pics of teddy

hi some people have been asking about my puppy teddy (aka the beast) i thought id post some pics here... He is a rescue puppy from a shelter in Indiana.They were part of Operation little dog, a mission to save petmill puppies that were being killed in Missouri after the state government outlawed puppy mills.  We got him in march and he was a part of the family within hours ...I hope you enjoy him as much as we do...(even when hes using my toes as a chew toy) ........



  1. He is just the most adorable dog ever!! :) How could you not want to rescue a face like that???

  2. thanks laurie... he is a sweetie but can be a little freshie too hahaha... But I am so glad that I played a small part in rescuing an animal who needed a home.