Friday, June 17, 2011

seeing the rainbow

this is a picture i took a couple years ago of a rainbow near my house. That day i took it as a sign or a blessing or a message of good luck that was coming my way.  I wish i could say I won the lotto the next day or I suddenly came across a pot of gold but I didnt.  and even through I experienced some recent troubles which include a layoff, a relationship ending and major health problem, I still consider myself a lucky person. I have a great family, some great friends, a nice home to live in but mostly I recently had someone come into my life that is changing it for the better. He is helping try and find the rainbow again or the silver lining on a dark cloud . Sometimes someones gently hand can be stronger than steel!!
I guess that rainbow WAS telling me of something good coming my just took a while for him to find me in the storm.... :)

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