Monday, October 24, 2011

Safe Haven


The topic this week in the GBE(Group Blogging Experience) is about Safe Haven. I blush to say that my first choice for my Safe Haven was my bed since that is where I go when things are not going so great. My bed is a cozy, warm, safe haven where I go to try and escape the outside world and find some serenity. But as I thought more about it, my Bed was not as much a safe haven as it was just a temporary escape. So after careful consideration I have decided that my best friend deserved the first place position as my Safe Haven. She really is. We have been friends since I was 15. She is really no long just a friend but she is my sister, my family, the mother to 'niece' and 'nephew', a therapist, a partner in crime, my source of amusement, and (as we joke around about) my life partner haha. We say that we will be two old ladies sitting on a porch long after our men have died (both due to mysterious circumstances but that is a tale for another time haha) and we will be together till the end. She is the owner of the shoulder that i cry on ,the arms that comforts me in my dark days,the ears that listen to my nonsense (a lot lately) and the mouth that gives me the best advice ever (ESPECIALLY this weekend!!) She is truly my Safe haven in my storms. The beaming lighthouse in dark night and rough Seas. I know that during the even the most wicked storm or calm seas she will always there for me. I hope that she would say the same thing about me. I hope I can be half the friend that she is to me because she deserves it! Love ya Kellie :)

ps the below pic was taken when we were about 18 opps i mean 21 (wink wink)..she was in the middle of yelling at me and a friend to stop dancing crazy on the chairs because we were drunk and we were gonna fall...She is always looking out for me hahaha


  1. What a lovely tribute to your friend. Great post!

  2. Awwww...that is a wonderful safe haven. Well done and lucky you!

  3. AWWW this was precious..i hope she reads this! LOL and yes..better late then nevah! hehe

  4. How wonderful that you have such a special person in your life!!