Wednesday, October 12, 2011

blessings of the Animals

Recently we attended a Blessing of the Animals at a local church in celebration of the Feats of St Francis of Assisi. St Francis of Assisi is the Patron saint of Animals, Birds and environmentalists. He was also a promoter of Peace, Simplicity and Harmony. On or around Oct 4ths every year, some churches will have Blessings of Animals in honor of St Francis. These are some pictures of my puppy at the Blessing! (he is a little devil so I figured it couldnt hurt to take him haha)

teddy in the grass before the blessing

pumpkins dotting the church lawn


monsieur saying prayers over the animals

teddy is not paying attention

relaxing after his blessing

ps the blessings did really help..he's still a little devil hahaha


  1. Aw, but he's such a cutie. Have you done the crate thing? It works wonders on my tiny doggie.

  2. my uncle got us a crate and I COULD have slept in it we gave it back ...he seems to be getting better just still with the chewing thing but he is almost a year and I can see he is starting to calm down hahaha