Friday, January 24, 2014

Special stone

I can remember every detail about that stone. Probably because for a long 3 minutes I stared down at it , focusing only on that stone while trying to block out the world. I noted its oblong shape with odd rough borders, its sand color with pink speckles and the slight grooves on the left side of it. But mostly I noticed the loudness of the rock. It started as a hum but now it is nothing but screams. Screams for me to turn back, to not go forward, for me to not make that final step. And for those long minutes I look, examine and listen to the last stepping stone on the path from your house. The last stone before I reach my car and end my walk with you....end my life with you. I will remember every detail of that stone because it was the last memory I have of us and our beautiful, colorful, odd and rocky love. 

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