Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014-a new day

Resolution # 4 -work more on my blog. So here I am :)   2013 was a mix of good and bad but the ending of 2013 really did a number on me and my family. So Im hoping that 2014 will be a much better year with some major changes :)  But I will reflect on some of the good that happened in 2013 :

** I got a job that I absoultely love love LOVE. I would still do it even if i won the lotto.
** I became a Godmother (again) to my adorable sweet godson Zachary. I love him so much !
** I traveled a lot to florida and got to spend time with my family and friends.
** I was able to go Hershey Pa with my bestie Michele and we spent some fun times and also went to see Joel Osteen. His message was amazing and I would love to see him again!
** I was able to see my Packers play at Metlife stadium against the Giants. We didnt win but i had the best day (except for a flat tire) but it was awesome!!
** I made a lot of new friends in 2013 and they have all become very important in my life. I am thankful for them everyday !
** I spent a super fun weekend in Vermont for labor Day weekend . I forgot what a beautiful state it is and i cant wait to go back.

2014 I want to travel more and experience more joy in my life.  I want to visit friends and spend more quality time with those I love. I want to try new things and learn new things. I want to expand my horizons. I want to live a fuller life and I want to love who I am.
I am wishing a very happy new year for you all and I apologize in advance for all the posts. I plan on being a blogging FOOL in 2014 ! :)  

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