Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Kellie

Happy Birthday to my very best friend in the whole world. So call her a 'best friend' has always felt like i was cheating her out of a better title. She is not just my best friend, she is my confidant, my therapist (especially lately haha), my entertainment, my sister from another mister , the movie to my "niece and nephew" and as we joke around life partner haha... She swears that after the men have come and gone we will be the ones together and wasting away the lazy days , gray haired and in rocking chairs on some big porch. I hope she is right... We have been friends for 26 years and im hope for another 26 plus 20 !!! :) I love you Kellie ... you are the greatest, most caring, patient, funny, loving , beautiful person i have ever met and I am better person for knowing you !!!....
ps get ready to party!!!!!!!!!!!

(hehehehehe but we will be raising ruckus then too hahaha)

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