Thursday, December 8, 2011

25 days of christmas

Im a couple Days late on this so i will just quickly answer the days i missed and start tomorrow :)

Day 1: What 3 things come to mind when you think Christmas?....... Christmas Carols,'Its a Wonderful Life' and my moms yummy lasagna

Day 2: Send a letter to Santa/ what’s on your Christmas list?... a couple of Wish Bracelets, a speaker for my Ipod, my room to be painted, to spend a wonderful day/night with someone special, a super soft teddy bear, a new purse and some prints from Esty

Day 3: A picture of you in the snow....i dont think i have one...

Day 4: A photo of you last Christmas....posted on FB

Day 5: Favorite Candy Cane Flavor....good ol' fashioned peppermint

Day 6: Which one of Santa’s reindeer is your favorite?....vixen of course :D

Day 7: Your Christmas food craving...Ham and my moms pizelles

Day 8: There is mistletoe hanging above you, who do you wish is under?
mmmmmmm he knows who he is ;)

Day 9: When do you put up your tree?
Day 10: Who spoiled Santa Claus for you?
Day 11: Favorite gift received as a child?
Day 12: Your favorite Christmas song.
Day 13: 5 things you love about Christmas.
Day 14: Share a previous Christmas memory.
Day 15: Most annoying this about this time of year?
Day 16: Your favorite Christmas tradition.
Day 17: A photo of you in the holiday spirit.
Day 18: Favorite Starbucks holiday drink.
Day 19: Whose gift was the hardest to buy this year?
Day 20: All time favorite Christmas present.
Day 21: Your favorite Christmas movie.
Day 22: Somewhere you would want to spend Christmas one year.
Day 23: How much money do you think you spent Christmas shopping?
Day 24: Don’t forget to leave cookies for Santa!. Your picture or Reblog
Day 25: It’s Christmas! What were some of the things you received this year

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