Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy headed our way

Hi Everyone.... we are currently getting ready for Hurricane Sandy to strike. We are expected to start feeling the effects around 5 pm tonight but just from the way the trees are swaying, id say we are already starting to feel it. We are all prepared with water, ice, candles, flashlights, batteries and most important...SNACKS hahaha... We usually lose power during this storms and last year we went almost a whole week with no power...but this time i am using the Power of Positive Thinking and Im gonna say we will be FINE. :-)

Anyone else in the strike zone???   Well I hope that you and your families stay safe.  I am wishing that my friends on the FDNY and NYPD stay safe and dont get stuck working straight for days. Stay safe everyone...I will keep you posted on our progress !!!!

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