Friday, July 27, 2012

We survived we survived the storm last night. We had some bumps in the road such as lights going on and off (they eventually went off for about a hour but luckily came back on before it started to get too hot in the house), we had some downed tree branches and the worst of it was that we lost internet for about 3 hours...THE HORROR haha. But I had last 50 shades book to finish, which I did so that kept me entertained while I was unable to get online. I know our storm was a mild in comparison to the storms the mid-west has been getting but we were still very concerned. Especially when my very MEAN friends started to post pictures on my Facebook wall. Here is some of the pictures that my 'friends' sent me to scare me ... yeah they are REAL FUNNY <rolling my eyes> hahahahaha

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