Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a difference a year makes

> > This is a hard day.....You might not remember us a year ago today but I do. You might not even care or see this... my hopes that you remembered and were going to reach out are slowly disappearing... you said we would always be in each others lives... but I guess that was just one of many things you said that you didnt mean ....


  1. Hi Jenni,

    Found your blog through Claudia's.

    Love your unexpected post today
    and also this one
    which makes me a bit sad
    as my daughter is suffering from a broken heart
    and I am going along slowly with her....

    I'm following you now.

    Fiona (in Ireland)

    1. Hi Fiona...Thanks so much for commenting. I am glad you found me and also very sad to hear about your daughters broken heart. It is a horrible feeling and as much as someone tells you it will get better, you just feel like the pain will never end. My best advice is to be there by her side (like you are) and to just let her have her sadness for a while. When people ask me over and over if I am ok, it makes it worse. Keep in touch !!